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Meet The Owners!


We are Lem and Christi Francis. We are from Southeast Texas, and both involved in the Oil Industry. Our first trip to Isla Mujeres was a vacation in 2011. We went diving and sightseeing. We drove our golf cart all over this little island.  We couldn’t wait to come back…again and again. In 2015 we started looking for a place we could buy and make a home for ourselves. Our diving pro said his uncle had a little place that he needed to sell. So in 2016, we bought a little two room cinderblock house with a lean-to kitchen on the back. A very humble little home with no AC, no kitchen, no pressurized plumbing, and pallets for a fence!

We have brought it a long way and plan to make it our home.  Please enjoy it and tell us how we can make our home a comfortable home-away-from-home for you!

We will be upstairs and available to you for anything you need. But also do not want to be any more than what you need. So we will not involve ourselves in your vacation unless asked. 

We have access to a local doctor. We can find you fishing trips, beautiful snorkeling, and diving trips. Advise on restaurants and beach clubs. 


Thank you for stopping by! 

 If you have any questions at all about the house, amenities or us, please ask!!

( 409 ) 882 - 4065

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